The Admin and Human Resources (HR) department plays a vital role serving as a strategic partner to management and employees. It acts as a check and balance in the workplace to maintain sanity, good conduct and moral values in the office.

The Directorate is saddled with the responsibility of managing every aspect of a professional’s career progression from the inception to placement through to exiting the service.

The directorate is divided into six units:

1. WORKFORCE PLANNING:- Collecting data and informing the management when the need to recruit employees arises.

2. EMPLOYEE RELATIONS: Fostering a positive work environment, managing conflicts, Staff welfare, and ensuring employee engagement.

3. LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT: Identifying training needs, designing programs, and supporting employee growth and development.

4. HR MEASURES AND ACCOUNTABILITY: Developing and implementing performance evaluation systems to measure employee performance, ensuring that the KPIs indicators captured

Mitigating workplace risks, managing employee safety, and maintaining a conducive environment.

Employees are promoted, Advanced or Converted as the need arises.

The primary functions of Admin Human Resources include:

1. Compensation and Benefits: Developing and administering salary, benefits, and incentives to motivate and retain employees.

2.Serving as a liaison between management and employees, ensuring effective communication.

3. Ensuring adherence to Civil Service Rules laws, Financial Regulations, and policies.

4. Maintaining accurate records, managing employee data, and providing administrative support.

Contributing to organizational strategy and aligning HR initiatives with the goals and objectives of the Assembly

Coordinates the units and Directorates for effective communication and teamwork.