The Protocol Unit of the Lagos State House of Assembly is one of the core Units in the Assembly as it projects the image of the House within and outside the State and the Country as a whole. The Unit is therefore saddled with the following responsibilities:

Advances to official/social events for the Rt. Hon. Speaker and Hon. Members to create a suitable seating arrangement and comfortability. The Unit also ensures they are timely and appropriately recognized at functions.

Facilitates Airport logistics and arrangements for the Rt. Hon. Speaker, Hon. Members and the Clerk of the House whenever they embark on official trips within and outside the country to ensure ease of passage on departure and arrival.

Plans and organizes the hosting of ceremonies and special events of the House e.g. budget presentation by his Excellency, Mr. Governor, Anniversary, Inauguration/Proclamation, Valedictory sessions etc.

Puts in place adequate measures for a successful hosting of dignitaries that pay courtesy/working visits to Lagos State House of Assembly. The Unit also provides sourvenirs and entertainment for the guests as well as Hotel accommodation when necessary.

Booking of Hotel accommodation for the Rt. Honourable Speaker, Hon. Members and the Clerk of the House during conferences, Retreats, Parley, Induction or when the need arises.

Identifies security risk at venue of events/ceremonies.

The Unit facilitates prompt processing of travelling documents (International/Official Passport, travelling Tickets etc.) for the Rt. Hon. Speaker, Hon. Members, the Clerk of the House including their immediate family members, and Staff of Lagos State House of Assembly.

Issues letter of introduction to be signed by the Clerk of the House to various Embassies for Honourable Members and Staff who wish to embark on an official/personal visit to outside Countries.

The Unit also handles the communication facilities (Intra- com) of the House and monitors same regularly to ensure a proactive measure towards epileptic functioning of the telephone lines.

Coordinates the activities of the Chamber Lounge; and

Any other duties that may be assigned by the Rt. Hon. Speaker/Clerk of the House

The Unit has the following sections:
i. Advance.