Tips About Inauguration of the Assembly

Inauguration: This is an official and special ceremony in which a new Legislative Assembly is introduced.

  • On the day of inauguration there is no Speaker’s procession into the Chamber;
  •  The Mace is placed at the lower pedestal before the commencement of the inaugural ceremony and the state/crest of the Mace should be to the left of Sergeant-At-Arms and right hand side of the Chair;
  • Only Members-elect are allowed into the Chamber and invited guests sit at the Gallery;
  • The Governor of the State issues a Proclamation (an official announcement) for the holding of the first session of the House of Assembly
  • In Lagos State, the proclamation is usually read by the Governor at the Hallowed Chamber and in the presence of Members-elect;
  • During the ceremony, immediately after reading of the proclamation by the Governor the Clerk of the House presides over the elections of the Speaker and the Deputy Speaker, in a manner prescribed by the Business, Rules and Standing Orders of the House
  • All Members-elect are eligible to participate in the voting for the Speaker and Deputy Speaker. It should be noted that neither a Point of Order nor a motion for adjournment may be moved by Member-elect until a Speaker emerges;
  • Having been elected, He is conducted to the Speaker’s Chair and subscribes to the Oaths of Allegiance, Membership, Office before the Clerk of the House.
  • Thereafter, he expresses appreciation for the honour conferred upon him and sit down in the Chair;
  • At this point, the Mace (symbol of authority) which hitherto is placed in the Lower Brackets is now placed in the Upper Brackets;
  • The first official assignment of Mr. Speaker as the presiding officer of the House is administering the Oath of Allegiance and Oath of Membership on Members-elect before they take their seats;
  • After the subscription to the oaths, Members-elect are then referred to and recognized as Honourable Members of the Assembly;
  • Principal Officers such as: Majority Leader, Minority Leader, Party Whip, Deputy Majority Leader are not elected. They are only announced at the sitting of the House after the party’s caucus meeting must have furnished their names to the Leadership of the House; and
  • It is not a standard practice for the Speaker to robe on the day of inauguration of the Assembly.